Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Shaveblogging update

In the mail: A free Schick Quattro Titanium razor. It looks very official. Says it's the "Property of Schick Shave Lab" and promises to put "More Strut in [My] Giddy-Up".

I'm a-gonna have a go with it in a couple of weeks or so. Last weekend I picked up a 1950s Gillette adjustable double-blade like this one:

For only 75 cents! Obviously, the Pacific Northwest is not a bastion of shaving technology.

It's a LOT heavier than my ladies' Gillette and, to be honest, I have no idea yet what is actually being adjusted. But, you know, at 5 am I don't have much presence of mind to analyze these things in detail.

Anyway, I guess Schick has finally noticed what a connoisseur of shaving implements I am and has started sending me product to review.

Okay, I probably made it onto a random mailing list.

Or maybe. . . .it's poisoned! Sent to me under the guise of a product sample, only to hold a hidden vial of cyanide ready to pour itself into any little nick or cut that I may experience during use! No doubt by a secretive group of post-modern sociocultural anthropologists striking a blow against the heteronormative patriarchy!

Well, I've said before I've always wanted a nemesis.