Thursday, May 03, 2007

Naked People at ArchaeoBlog The light switch is a girl's best friend

Archaeology? Well, nothing so far. What else is at that link. . . .
ANOTHER day, another telly programme about the importance of appearance. We're so vain, we probably think these shows are about us, don't we, don't we?

Hmmmmm. . . .maybe a commentary on modern vs. ancient adornment? The roots of superficiality? Venus Figurines as a slap in the face for modern fashion models?

We've had what not to wear, how to look ten years younger and now stylist Gok Wan is back with How To Look Good Naked to tell us that even when we're in our most intimate state, we can't just let it all hang out.

There we are at the Naked People part at least. Have to admit, I find it difficult not to agree with the general sentiment.

But why does everyone have to look gorgeous all the time? Or, let's get real, because these shows are really aimed at one gender: why do women worry so much about their looks? Is no one allowed to be an old bag anymore?

Actually, two genders, women and gay men.

How to look good naked? What's wrong with just turning out the lights?

There's some old saying about that I am unable to recall exactly at the moment, but I'm not going to spend much time thinking about it. Have we gotten to the archaeology yet?

They had more important things to bother about in Jamestown, the first British settlement in America. Half the colonists died there within months of arrival in the New World, 400 years ago this week. This Time Team special was a kind of exchange holiday for the archaeology show, whose wonderfully unlikely Phil Harding - possibly the only man alive who still says "Stone the crows!" without irony - went over to check out excavations on the Virginia site.

Aha! There we go. Archaeology at last. But. . .Stone The Crows?