Monday, May 21, 2007

Bosnian (non)pyramids update Bosnian archaeologists 'dig in' to struggle with looters
Archaeologist Snjezana Vasilj was busy digging through piles of paper last year when a self-styled Bosnian explorer made global headlines after discovering "Europe's first pyramids."

A year on, Vasilj's fortunes turned around when her battle with the forms that go with Bosnian bureaucracy paid off and she secured the research grant needed to continue her own treasure hunt.

Vasilj and her small team of volunteers used the $9,400 in funding to help make an extraordinary discovery at the Hutovo Blato marshlands in southern Bosnia.

The archaeologist said she cried when divers she could only afford to pay in "sandwiches" surfaced from a small lake in the nature reserve to confirm what lay on the bottom - Illyrian ships dating back some 2,200 years.

It's actually a good article not really about the (non)pyramids, and a sad one at that.