Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Geico cavemen sitcom update: Not lookin' good Someone named Derek Flint thinks the pilot stank:
“Cavemen” is literally a thirty second commercial expanded to twenty-two minutes. But… it’s actually much worse than that. Just like their source material, the origin of these domesticated Cro-Magnons is never explained. I guess “Encino Man” is part of the prequel trilogy.

A while back I predicted difficulty: The writers will also have to be very clever working in the predjudice angle.

Seems I was prescient:
The creators have tried to infuse social satire by making the show an allegory for prejudice. They draw astoundingly leaden parallels to every minority group in the world without a laugh in sight.

Seems they missed the 'clever' part.

I still think it'd be a neat idea, but tough to pull off.

UPDATE: Looks like ABC is going ahead with it.