Wednesday, June 13, 2007

And that about does it for me

Yes, as of now I have quit blogging.

For about two weeks. On vacation to the epicenter of American culture, Wisconsin. I shall hopefully return with various photos of both archaeological and geological interest. There really is some neat geology around there, and not just of the glacial sort. Archaeology, not so much. But I may take a trip down to Aztalan and a local mini-museum has a collection of artifacts, though mostly just bunches of random arreyheads and such from all over the temporal and spatial continuum.

In the interim, I have bribed cajoled roped blackmailed kindly asked Andie of Egyptology News to fill in. Hopefully, you will not find me too tiresome in comparison upon my return. I have instructed Andie to not use too many big words so that I can maintain my status as one o' them thar interllecshuls. Shes reel good, she knows all about them phay-rohs and stuff.

And she's kinda cute, too, so feel free to hit on her.