Thursday, June 14, 2007

And that puts me firmly on the spot.

Thanks Tony, for the glorious build up - no pressure there then! It is thoroughly intimidating to be left in charge of someone else's blog for even a short period, and I hope that I can live up to Tony's standards of charm, wit, and unbiased reporting. Oh okay, I'll just stick to the unbiased reporting.

I've had a look through the archive to address questions of the "does Tony cover Neanderthal issues?" type, and I've looked at all of the recent posts in the hope that I don't duplicate any earlier stories - apologies if I make any mistakes. So here goes!

It's a thoroughly gory start to my guest-role, with mass child sacrifice from Toltec Mexico alleviated somewhat by the peculiarity of a 19th century weapon turning up in a living whale and the unsurprising but welcome assessment that Neanderthals were not thugs, but innovators. Enjoy!