Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Archaeologist Forms Group to Address Issues Raised by Clovis Point Find
The archaeologist at the Malibu location where an auth­enti­ca­ted Clovis cultural era spear point was found in 2005 has an­nounced the formation of a group to try to protect the site that could date back 11,000 years, as well as raise public consciousness about the need for ways to address conflicts over site access with private property owners.
Dr. Gary Stickel said the first aim of the organization, called Friends of Farpoint, is to “immediately save the Farpoint site for its proper preservation and conservation.”
To this end, the archaeologist said the group seeks to “foster a National Park Service connection to the site.” Stickel said he has met with officials of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area and discussed the possibility of a future Farpoint exhibit, as well as enlisted support from the NPS and other public agencies for the site’s protection.