Monday, June 11, 2007

Archaeology and the Evil Empire Microsoft says 'archaeology' changes the way it develops products
Microsoft Corp. will deliver the final installment of hundreds of pounds of documentation of its products to U.S. regulators next month, a result of seemingly never-ending disputes over the company's business practices.

. . .

The issue of documenting protocols is at the heart of troubles among Microsoft, regulators and embittered rivals dating back to the 1990s -- when the company was solidifying its command of the market for operating systems or software that manages the applications in a computer.

Craig Shank, general manager of Microsoft's competition law compliance group, said the documentation task has been so complex it has required "archaeology," or digging up ex-employees. Those include retirees and at least one former Microsoft engineer who had since moved on to work for a "partner" company, carrying away vital knowledge, Shank said.

Microsoft making it difficult for competitors? I really can't believe that.