Monday, June 11, 2007

Earth is best trustee for Sixth Salt Man: expert
Archaeological Research Center of Iran (ARCI) Director Mohammad-Hassan Fazeli Nashli is opposed to the idea of unearthing the “salt man” recently discovered in the Chehrabad Salt Mine due to the dearth of equipment necessary for protection of the remains.

“Except for some rescue excavations, a question is the main reason for an archaeological excavation. Otherwise, the earth is the best trustee for ancient artifacts because there is no guarantee for their proper protection,” he told the Persian service of CHN on Sunday.

The salt man was discovered by chance when the remains were partially uncovered by a rivulet created by rainfall in early June. It is the sixth salt man to be discovered in the Chehrabad Salt Mine, which is located in the Hamzehlu region near Zanjan.

Probably the best course of action, provided you can secure the site.