Saturday, June 16, 2007

Repatriation of artefacts is an increasingly hot topic for museums world-wide.

At the moment Egypt is campaigning to regain posession of artefacts which were taken from the country illegally, and anyone following the trials and tribulations of Italy's actions against a number of U.S. museums will be fully up to date with the latest issues.

In the news this week are two returnees: an ancient Greek male marble torso is probably going to be returned by Switzerland to Greece (reported by Reuters, with photo), and a number of stolen artefacts have been returned to Peru (reported by the Miami Herald, with photo).

In the meantime, Egypt's attempts to secure the Nefertiti bust on loan from Germany are becoming increasingly acrimonious, as detailed by Zahi Hawass of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities on the Al Ahram Weekly website. Other items requested on loan include the Rosetta Stone, currently housed in the British Museum, London (U.K.).