Wednesday, August 29, 2007

And speaking of popularizing archaeology. . . BBC digs archaeology drama
Matthew Graham and Ashley Pharoah, the co-creators of the hit BBC1 drama series Life on Mars, have been commissioned to write a new six-part series for the same channel about a team of archaeological adventurers.

The BBC head of fiction, Jane Tranter, has given the green light to Bone Kickers, a series set in Bath following a team of academic whose excavations open up a range of storylines from different historical moments in the city's 3,000-year history.

The drama, which begins filming in November of this year, has not yet been cast but is being pencilled in for transmission on BBC1 in spring next year.

Neat. Of course, we here in the colonies won't get it for another year or two.

Two comments: There used to be an archaeology-ish series on cable called Relic Hunter. I saw a few of the eps. Eh. But if you want sexy archaeology. . . .

Second, it mentions a series on BBC called "Life on Mars". I watched a couple of those, too, but grew tired of it after 2 or 3. It was just too. . . too. . .superficial about the '70s. Everything was too cartoonish. Everyone smoking everywhere, throwing the butts on the floor anywhere, fellow policemen apparently too dumb to, you know, actually collect evidence, etc. It seemed like it was written by 20-somethings who figured they knew what the '70s were like because they saw it on TV once. I liked the concept though. Which leads to the next post. . . .