Monday, August 27, 2007

Army of Davids update Volunteers help protect prehistoric Native-American mounds
The Missouri Mound Adoption Project (MO-MAP) founded recently in Chesterfield hopes to use a coalition of volunteers to protect Missouri's remaining prehistoric Native American mounds.

"We may not be able to save every one of Missouri's remaining prehistoric Native American mounds, but with volunteers, we can try to save one at a time," said Mark Leach of Chesterfield, a trustee of the Missouri Archaeological Society and a member of the Chesterfield Landmarks Preservation Commission.

"MO-MAP's approach is modeled after the recent success of the Blake Mound Restoration Project in Chesterfield," Leach said.
MO-MAP builds on the traditional approach to mound protection -- keeping mound locations confidential, documenting them with state authorities and ensuring protection provided under Missouri's unmarked human burial law, he said.