Wednesday, August 29, 2007

This (also) just in Iceman died from head trauma, not arrow
Researchers studying Iceman, the 5,000-year-old mummy found frozen in the Italian Alps, now believe he died of head trauma, not the wound of an arrow.

Two months ago, researchers in Switzerland published an article in the Journal of Archaeological Science saying the man known as Oetzi died after an arrow tore a hole in an artery beneath his left collarbone, leading to massive blood loss, shock and heart attack.

But radiologists, pathologists and other researchers, using new forensic information and CAT scans, now say they believe blood loss from the arrow wound only made Oetzi lose consciousness. They now say he died either from hitting his head on a rock when he passed out or because his attacker hit him in the head.

Seems a bit of a fine point, if you ask me. Either way, it was the arrow's fault that he died. OTOH, I suppose one should have wondered why there wasn't an arrow shaft or anything still sticking out of him since most everything else he had with him was preserved.