Friday, August 31, 2007

Caveman the series update A Man for the (Stone) Ages: Nick the Caveman, direct from Union Square
But racial (er, anthropological) struggle is a central theme. Think of it as Alien Nation with a sense of humor. "They've been oppressing our people for 750,000 years," Kroll's character says in the pilot, referring to modern types. "When you watch TV, it's all politically correct, but they air The Flintstones six times a day."

The episode doesn't boast consistent laughs, but most series need some time to find their footing. The concept seems at least as sustainable as, say, a fat deliveryman from Queens with a skinny wife. But Kroll won't be devastated if the show gets canceled. "There's this idea of getting discovered, or a break, but in reality [my career] is more like a slow freight train carrying a lot of emotional baggage," he says.

Bit of a language warning, folks. After this article, I'm a tad more optimistic that it will not be horribly bad since it has the same writers as the commercials; that should make the humor consistent. The thing that seems most troublesome is that they may try so hard to avoid offending various minorities who think they're being represented that they go overboard bashing white people. If they can follow in the Beverly Hillbillies/Munsters mold, it should be okay.