Sunday, August 12, 2007

What I bought this weekend

Note the similarity in dress between the two jacket covers. I picked them both up for $2 at an estate sale this weekend. Both seemingly in good shape.

Yes, that's Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. Not the most famous album cover by him ever. That's this one:

The woman on the cover lives in Washington state, but I've never met her. (Heh) My parents had that album, though it had disappeared and/or gotten tame by the time I discovered that girls were all cool and stuff. Besides, Elton John had NAKED chicks on his covers. I really liked the music though. I was a trumpet player and Herb is still my favorite. He might not be as technically good as others (Al Hirt, Doc Severinson) but he had a good ear for a melody and, like Santana on guitar, really knew how to work a note for all it was worth. Plus it has that south of the border wild 1960s thang going on. I don't have Whipped Cream, but I snagged it off of iTunes. Probably should have bought the LP there, too.

Sadly, my turntable is only picking up probably 20% on the right channel, so I can't give them a good listen. Grrrrr. But I urge either one's purchase.

BTW, search on the web for the album cover and the model. There's a web site or newspaper article somewhere with outtakes of the photo shoot.