Friday, August 17, 2007

Archaeology in the media update CBS, Bruckheimer hunting for treasure
CBS has ordered an adventure drama pilot from Jerry Bruckheimer, the prolific producer behind the network's three "CSI" shows as well as "Cold Case," "Without a Trace" and "The Amazing Race."
. . .

Reiff, a history buff who holds New York University degrees in film and history, described the project as an "A-class network version of an archaeology adventure show."

"The relics, the treasures on it will run the gamut from biblical and ancient history though medieval and Renaissance times up to modern days," he said.

Well, he says "archaeology" but it reads more like "treasure hunting". I imagine it will bear about as much resemblance to real archaeology as CSI does to real forensic work, i.e., little. But then, real archaeology is 99% boring.

"That's very good, Jennifer. Try not to use the pointed end of your trowel though, use it more like a knife, as if you're slicing off a thin section of the ground."

"Like this?"

"Yes, that's right, now keep that up. And don't forget to label your sediment sample bag next time."

"Okay. Wait! I found something! What is it?"

"Ummm, looks like a rounded rock to me."