Sunday, September 30, 2007

Blogging update No posting (or much of anything else) for the last couple of days. I had mouth surgery last Wednesday and it kinda knocked me out. Yesterday was full o' (late) football and recuperation, too.

Went to the UW-USC game last night. They don't do many night games here, for whatever reason; usually only when television requires it. UW played really well, and USC didn't, but they (UW) still lost. They could have won, but they're still not poised enough to not make the small mistakes that the really good teams don't often make. Locker (QB) had a guy wide open in the end zone and just had to toss him the ball but he way overthrew it. And there was a fumbled punt, and a pretty easy interception in the end zone that was flubbed. That latter one set the crowd off because at regular speed, it looked obvious that it was an interception (we only saw it twice at regular speed on the big screen) but on replay it was also obvious that the ball hit the ground first. So, a few golden opportunities that were missed.

Not a good day to be in the top 10 though. Half were upset yesterday (except Wisconsin, woo hoo!).

Today we start the rainy season in the NW, and it's raining most of today. This is a La Nina year which usually means we have a cool and wet winter that lasts into June. OTOH, last year was an El Nino winter which usually means we have a nice pleasant, pretty dry winter; except it was cold and rainy and lasted until, well, pretty much July this year. So who knows.