Thursday, September 13, 2007

'nother non-archy post I'll take this opportunity to plug a forum I post to a lot: The Perfect World. It started after some rebels jumped ship from Salon's 'Table Talk' a few years ago. I was a charter member of TT, having followed Marybeth Williams over from the C|Net forums (I even had my own Harem!) and stayed there from, oh, about 1996 to early 2002(?) whenever they went pay-to-play. Perfect World (or TPW) had several of the nerds that I hung out with at TT. People may or may not like the forum software, but I do. It's more of the conversational style than a nested list.

Anyway, it's not only entertaining, but not chock full o' posters who hit the keyboard every five minutes with their latest political revelation like lab monkeys on crack. I use it a lot for getting answers to nerdy questions, from statistics to American history to evaluations of published psych papers. Or how to bake the perfect loaf of bread! Feel free to check it out, and make sure to buy stuff through the affiliates.