Friday, September 07, 2007

No. . . .there was no blogging last night I'm still in thrall of the college football season starting up. Last night: Oregon State and Cincinnati. Which ended up being a shocker (OSU got whacked). That and I went and ordered some tile last night and by the time I got back I didn't feel like sitting in front of these infernal contraptions again, so sloughing off in front of the TV was in order.

Saturday is the first home game for Washington, against Boise State. Could be interesting. UW looked pretty good last week, though Syracuse might just be awful. Still, they didn't make a whole lot of dumb mistakes. I thought for sure they'd been here before -- back in the days when Boise State would be scheduled for an easy record-padding win -- but this is the first time they've met. UW has a wicked tough schedule though, so it may be a bumpy season.

Although after last night's OSU debacle, that part might be looking a bit easier. . . .