Thursday, September 13, 2007

Non-archaeology story I wanted to pass this story along:
It's a familiar story, of course, because the headlines have been flooded with the so-far-unsuccessful search for millionaire aviator Steve Fossett, who took to the air Sept. 1 and remains missing in northern Nevada.

But this one isn't a week old; it happened 43 years ago. And the massive hunt for Fossett may help resolve the enduring mystery surrounding Charles Ogle, then 41, who lifted off from Oakland in August 1964 but vanished en route to Reno.

The search for Fossett across a 17,000-square-mile swath of the Sierra Nevada has revealed the wreckage of eight other small planes that had never, until now, been discovered. And each of those crash sites holds clues to the fates of other fliers who went missing in what is starting to look like the Bermuda Triangle of the western United States.

No real comments, I just found it to be fascinating. None of the wrecks have apparently been examined on the ground. Odd that hikers haven't found these things yet. Hope for DB Cooper yet!