Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Semi-breaking news Actually, old, but I never really saw it when it initially came out. Links passed on via EEF

"New find in King Tut's tomb"
" Intact clay pots sealed with cartouches of King Tutankhamun
and eight baskets have been discovered in his treasure room in
the Valley of the Kings (...) the team discovered eight baskets filled
with almost 60 cartouches printed with the king's stamp. (..)
Hawass said those cartouches had previously been found by
Howard Carter in 1922, but he left them inside the treasure room.

"New discovery found in Egypt's Tutankhamun tomb"
"An Egyptian archaeological mission has discovered some
20 intact clay pots sealed with cartouche of boy pharaoh
Tutankhamun. (..) "

"Ancient Egyptian fruit hamper found in King Tut's tomb"
"Eight baskets filled with fruits preserved for more than
3,000 years have been discovered by Egyptian archaeologists
in Tutankhamun's tomb. "The eight baskets contained large
quantities of doum fruits, which have been well preserved,"
Hawass said in a statement. The fruit baskets are each 50cm
(nearly 20 inches) high, the antiquities department said.
The sweet orange-red fruit, also known as the gingerbread fruit,
comes from the Doum Palm, a native of southern Egypt, and
was traditionally offered at funerals. Twenty pear-shaped
containers, one metre (three feet) in height and bearing
Tutankhamun's official seal were also discovered. "

"Baskets, pots found abandoned in Tutankhamun tomb"
"One of the baskets contains dried fruit and eight others hold
almost 60 small limestone plaques also inscribed with
Tutankhamun's name in the traditional cartouche format. "