Monday, September 10, 2007

Blogging update

No, you are correct, there was no posting Sunday. Why, you ask? Was there little news anywhere of archaeological import? Did the Great Internet Crash finally occur, depriving the world of news that we all so desperately need?

No, your host was recovering from a porn binge.

Football porn, that is. Did you know that on the west coast college football starts at 9 am? And that it will usually continue until almost midnight? So my day was:
9-11 am: West Virginia vs Marshall and Oklahoma vs Miami
11 am - 5 pm: Watching Washington defeat Boise State.
5 - 7 pm: FLipping between Penn State/Notre Dame (yay!) and South Carolina/Georgia (yay!).
7 pm - Wisconsin/UNLV and Arizona State/Colorado.

Gawd. Whether it was that or something else, I couldn't get to sleep Saturday night and then woke up at 4 the next morning and never got back to sleep.

Good day altogether, for me anyway. Washington looked pretty good, although the offense sputtered in the second half. I don't know, I'm thinking maybe they ought to get rid of the offensive coordinator, Lappano. He seems very good at diagnosing problems, but they still haven't done much in the way of fixing them. Were it not for the new QB, Locker, they'd be floundering around like they have been for the last few years. Ohio State will have their hands full though. The stadium was CROWDED, more so than any time in the recent past. Partly, I think, because Boise State fans showed up in droves (good fans, too. Even the Husky people more or less behaved themselves).

Note regarding cheerleaders: At halftime, the UW ones always come over to the visiting team's squad and bring them treats or something, talk, take pictures, etc. I like that. I haven't been in other stadiums too often; does this happen elsewhere?