Monday, September 24, 2007

The Simpsons' homage to Raiders of the Lost Ark

I've never actually seen the clip that this is based on. Had a friend of mine rolling on the floor, but I've never managed to actually see it.

There's also one for 2001 but he/they neglected one episode where Homer went into space and there was a section from 2001 in that one, too.

UPDATE: Well, okay, here's the video. Is there anything you can't find on the Internets?

Update II: And I just went on iTunes and bought the Indy soundtrack. Actually, it's this one if that link works. Oddly, I'd never gotten any of the Indy soundtracks before. Always liked the music though.

And the only time I've ever let the theme flit through my mind was on a few occasions while studying for my comps when I'd be heading over to the library to read a bunch of references on some arcane archaeological subject and the absurdity of it all would strike my fancy.