Monday, December 10, 2007

Archaeology Channel video This from Richard Pettigrew:
Friends and colleagues: Early encounters between Europeans and Native
Americans on the West Coast of North America certainly occurred prior to
the well documented Spanish explorations of the 1770s, but very little
concrete evidence thus far has been documented. An exciting new
archaeological exploration of an exceptional case of early contact on the
Oregon coast is the subject of Anthropology Field Notes 5: The Beeswax
Ship of Nehalem, the latest video feature on our nonprofit
streaming-media Web site, The Archaeology Channel

In this series of interviews with today's news-makers, host Faith Haney
of Central Washington University (CWU) explores cultural anthropology and
archaeology. In the fifth episode, taped in September 2007, Faith
queries Washington archaeologist Scott Williams about his search for the
"Beeswax Shipwreck of Nehalem." On the northern Oregon Coast, near the
mouth of the Nehalem River, beeswax chunks, other cargo, and even parts
of a ship have been turning up over the past two centuries. Is this a
lost Spanish galleon from the 17th Century?