Tuesday, December 11, 2007


When I was in China I picked up some Gillette Blue Blades:

I wonder if they might be these things that Corey Greenberg raved about. They sure do work well. I looked them up online and this seems to be an old-style packaging for them. I just bought them because I thought they looked kind of cool.

I snagged some other vintage blades at an estate sale this past weekend, along with an old-fashioned lighted Christmas lawn decoration. You know, the plastic kind with a light bulb on the inside? It's Santa in a sleigh with "Noel" written on it. I've been looking for one for a long time now. I also got some new LED lights (not at the estate sale though) to put outside. I like them. They have a nicely soft glow that's perfect for the holidays. My faves are the old-fashioned big bulbs -- I guess they're called C5 or C7 -- because they're the ones they had in my youth and they also have a softer glow than the mini lights. I'll probably replace most of my mini lights with LEDs since the latter are WAY more energy efficient and are tougher.

I don't remember getting a real tree much when I was a kid. I remember a few, but my mom hated them because of all the watering and the needles and the fire hazard. We had one of those silver aluminum trees and. . .I still have it! I don't put it up much because it's kind of fragile and takes forever to put up. You have to decorate them simply, too, with maybe just a few bulbs of one or two colors. Looks very clean and peaceful. I might have a picture of it somewhere. . . .

Oh yeah, here's a couple:

But man does not live by plain red bulbs alone!