Thursday, December 06, 2007

Well, well, well Largest haul of London pots
A unique collection of pots and pans found down a well in central London has given a rare insight into the lives of the bourgeoisie in what was then a remote northern outpost of the Roman empire.

Dating from the late fourth century the 19 gold coloured copper-alloy cooking and tableware implements are almost perfectly preserved because of the 1 700 years they spent under water, protected from the ravages of oxidisation.

"This is the biggest haul ever found in London," said Roman era archaeologist Marit Gaimster at the Museum of London where the artefacts go on display from Friday.

Old wells are kind of amazing in the amount of junk that accumulates in them. I'd wager you can't dig a deep hole in the ground anytime anywhere without people chucking stuff down it.