Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Blogging update Blogging may be limited today due to some minor water intrusion into ArchaeoBlog Manor as a result of yesterday's rather nasty rains here. We got 3.77" Monday (midnight on) which was on top of snow and rain Saturday and Sunday. It was a weather system knows around here as a Pineapple express:

It originates down near the Hawaiian islands and brings a LOT of moisture. As you can see by the sat photo they also tend to be elongated systems and often slide through lengthwise, meaning hours and hours and sometimes days of continuous rain. ArchaeoBlog Manor's problems results from the wind coming out of the southwest; the house is exposed on that corner and, despite a 4' overhang, the rain still battered it on that side and water crept down the foundation and into the basement. It's finished so there was about 2-3' of wet carpet along about 10-12' of wall. Not too bad, but thank GOD I purchased a carpet cleaner; otherwise I'd have had no way to suck up the water.

It may initiate a new floor; the carpet might be okay but I've been meaning to re-do it down there and this might be a good opportunity to rip it up and put down tile. So, depending on how much needs to be done, I will or won't get much posting done.