Sunday, December 02, 2007

Full jug brings cheers from archaeologists
An earthenware receptacle containing ancient fuhonsen coins, crystals and water has been excavated from the ruins of Fujiwarakyo--the nation's first capital modeled after the Chinese capital system--in Kashihara, Nara Prefecture.

The find was made in the ruins of Fujiwara-no-miya palace, which stood in Fujiwarakyo, the capital from 694 to 710, The Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties announced Thursday.

The sueki earthenware receptacle, with a largely intact spout, is believed to have been buried at a groundbreaking ceremony to mark the construction of the palace, as stipulated in the "Nihon Shoki" (Chronicle of Japan).

Yeah, I thought it was going to have beer in it, too.