Saturday, December 29, 2007

Blogging update

Yeah, light on the posting the last few days. Busy! I've had to get a paper in shape among other things and at home it's been busy as well. I finally got the ArchaeoWife's computer set up, mostly with the wireless network and transferring files and such. And, um, watching bowl games. The "Meineke Car Care Bowl" is on now, UConn and Wake Forest. I admit to not particularly liking the whole corporate bowl idea. Lame. I noticed over the years that various bowls went from, say, the Orange Bowl, to the FedEx Orange Bowl to the FEDEX orange bowl. I always liked the bowl system, anachronistic as it is, but if we end up with all-corporate bowls then bring on playoffs as far as I'm concerned. Thankfully the Rose Bowl has stayed the Rose Bowl, albeit nowadays it's starting corporate creep: it's the Rose Bowl presented by Citi.

I've only been to two bowl games, both in Seattle at the short-lived Seattle Bowl. I saw Georgia Tech vs Stanford in the first one (played in the baseball stadium) and Wake Forest against Oregon in the second, played at Seahawks Stadium. The latter is a NICE place for football. I guess they both made money, but there was little enthusiasm for it. Two of the old Hawaii bowls moved one year and one went to Seattle and the other went to San Fran. as the Emerald Bowl, which is still around. I still have a single souvenir from the first one, a Seattle Bowl pint glass. I can't even find one on eBay so they're obviously quite rare and valuable.

Anyway, UConn just ran back a punt for a TD. Must continue regular archaeoblogging.