Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cemetery archaeology update Exhumation of nameless to take months
"Herculean" doesn't begin to describe the task undertaken by a small team of archaeologists in Juárez.

For a month now, they have been digging up forsaken corpses in a corner of the San Rafael municipal cemetery in the sand dunes south of town.

The corner is marked "Fosa Comun," or communal grave, in cheery yellow, but there are none of the colorful plastic flowers and angel statues that are the staples of Mexican cemeteries. There aren't even grave markers.

According to the cemetery's books, about 1,200 unclaimed bodies have been buried there, three to six per grave, since 1991.

Interesting story. Not made clear is who the heck these people were and who was burying them there. Well, it was a municipal cemetery and records were apparently kept, but it seems mysterious as to why there wold be a mystery about them. There's a photo gallery at the site, too.