Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Trove Of Artifacts For UConn
Louis "Louie" Bayer was one of the most feared game wardens in the state for 33 years, sniffing out and chasing down illegal hunters. His ability to track them miles into the woods earned him a legendary reputation.

Bayer, also a conservationist, tracked other things, and over the years collected about 3,000 artifacts in the fields and streams of southeastern Connecticut, including one that dates back 9,000 years. He also collected arrowheads in southeastern Connecticut while working for the state.

With the help of then-UConn graduate student Kathy Hoy, he cataloged and documented the collection before his death in 1997 at 90. He left the collection to his son, Jon Bayer, and his two grandsons, who recently donated it to the Connecticut State Museum of Natural History at the University of Connecticut.

Sounds neat but one wonders how useful they'll be without much in the way of locational data.