Thursday, December 27, 2007

Blogging update

Back to posting. Yesterday was shot as my stupid cable modem kept crapping out. I haven't got the new computer to hook up with my wireless network; keeps either not recognizing the network and saying it's out of range (yeah, from 2 feet away) or, after tweaking some stuff, attempting to connect to it, but then just stopping without connecting or giving any error message. I think I have to upgrade the router's firmware. I would have gotten more progress done on it last night, but of course the cable modem kept crapping out.

I should write an entire long, drawn-out post on this like Jerry Pournelle used to do in Byte magazine. He'd do entire columns on his attempt to hook up another Windows computer to his network and detail all the cards he'd had to pull out, the dipswitch settings he'd have to alter, blah blah blah ad infinitum. Then he'd write a quarter of a column on getting an OS/2 machine to join the network and how once he got it in it would just work fine without any further hassles, but spend the rest of it praising Windows (3.x) and how despite the myriad problems, everyone should really just stick with it instead of trying anything -- gasp! -- different.

Okay, rant off. On to archaeology. . . .