Friday, April 13, 2007

And now. . . .the news from the EEF

Press report: "A royal destruction"
A history of damages done to the VoK tombs, plus a
worthwhile interview with Dina Bakhoum of the TMP.

Press report: "Egypt Tomb Paintings Imaged in Hi-Res"
"Italian publisher De Agostini is working on a project which
aims to produce the most complete digital archive of Egypt's
ancient art and architecture. New imaging technology can
detect and even revive faded paintings. The technology has
yielded, for the first time, accurate reproductions of the tombs'
scenes (...) The pictures are published by De Agostini in
Hawass's new book, "The Royal Tombs of Thebes: A
Gateway Through Eternity," the first of a series of three
books on the Egyptian heritage."

Press report: "Legacy of the Pharaohs: Welcome to the
treasure dome "
Report on the new Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) at Giza.

Press report: "Egypt's Karnak Temple to be archaeological site"
"We shall soon formalise the decision to transform the site of the
Al Karnak temple in archaeological site with the purpose to
preserve it for the future and allow it to enjoy the internationally
and locally recognised privileges to the sites of archaeological interest."

Press report: "Only Egyptians to have access to mummies"
"Only Egyptian archaeologists will have access to ancient Egyptian
mummies while the foreigners will be allowed to examine them
only in the presence and under the supervision of their Egyptian

Press report: "The inside story"
About Houdin's pyramid theory. Nothing new, except:
"To prove Houdin's theory, an international team is now being
assembled to probe the pyramid using radar and heat-detecting
cameras supplied by a French defence firm. However, Zahi
Hawass has turned down Houdin's request to have his theory
proved. Hawass said Houdin had issued his request using an
Egyptian "cover institution" that did not have the proper expertise
to examine the Great Pyramid. " So no support by ZH after all...
-- Another press report about the SCA's "No!":

Press report: "Roman theatre unearthed in Egypt"
"Near the site of the excavated fortress [in N. Sinai],
archaeologists have also been excavating the site of a
5th Century, Roman amphitheatre. They say it is one of
the largest ever to be discovered in Egypt. The amphitheatre
was once supported by 30 columns. (..) The amphitheatre is
currently in the process of being restored. Authorities intend
to rebuild the wooden stage and seating area. "
[Also some garbled pumice/fort stuff in there.]

Zahi Hawass, A Group of Unique Statues Discovered at
Giza I: Statues of the Overseers of the Pyramid Builders, in:
Rainer Stadelmann, Hourig Sourouzian (eds.), Kunst des
Alten Reiches: Symposium im Deutschen Archäologischen
Institut Kairo am 29. und 30. Oktober 1991, (Sonderschrift
des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts Abteilung Kairo,
vol. 28), Philipp von Zabern, Mainz, 1995, pp. 91-95,
4 pls. - pdf-file (7.5 MB)

Thus endeth the EEF news