Thursday, April 19, 2007

Shaveblogging sidetrack
A couple of weeks ago I picked up a travel-size tube of Alba Botanicals:

Overall I'll give it a thumbs up. It's got the consistency of athletes foot cream (e.g., Lotrimin) for a guy reference. An interesting property is that you can't see it when it is applied; it doesn't foam up or anything. This means you have to pay attention when you're putting it on to make sure you have applied it everywhere. This also means that you don't have a marker to know where you have already shorn. Thus, one must pay some additional attention.

It seems to be developed more for modern multi-blade razors in mind. It feels okay with my old double-edge single blade, but regular canned goop reduces irritation more, IMO. It seems closer than the canned goop, too, probably because there is less stuff that can gum up the blade while it's being moved across the face. And, as indicated above, unless you have dark hair you have to pay attention to where you've already gone.

I'll have to have a go with it with the multi-blade that I keep around and see how that works. Otherwise, it has the ArchaeoBlog seal of approval.