Friday, April 27, 2007

These young men and women, who could have opted for greener pastures in the banking, NGO’s and other private establishments including the Government sector decided against it and stayed with the science and sites they love. Having done so they have dedicated their youthful lives to it.

How have they been compensated for their dedication? Their specialization as archaeologists and their contribution has never been properly appreciated and recognized by the Cultural Establishment. They have never been properly compensated for their commitment and passion for preserving the history of this land. Their young minds are never consulted and their acquired skills are never maximised at their own work site. On the contrary they are identified merely as wage labourers and treated accordingly at the World Heritage sites. The establishment has never respected the professional dignity of this wonderful human resource. They have been taken for granted as serfs bonded to fiefdoms.

You might think he's talking about American graduate school students. . . . .