Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ministry of silly links You might have heard of these archaeologists
GIOVANNI BATTISTA BELZONI (1778-1823). Italian. Belzoni removed the colossal bust of Ramesses II at Thebes for shipment to England, where it's on display at the British Museum.

FLAVIO BIONDO (1392-1463). Italian. Regarded by some as the first archaeologist, Flavio explored and documented the ruins and topography of ancient Rome.

HOWARD CARTER (1874-1939). British. His 15-year search led to the discovery of the century: the well-preserved tomb of King Tutankhamun, which Carter unearthed in 1922 at ancient Thebes. The British Museum's "Treasures of Tutankhamun" tour, which ran from 1972 to 1979, was America's first museum blockbuster.

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