Monday, April 02, 2007

Finding traces India's maritime history
Scientists from India's National Institute of Oceanography have found artefacts near Dwarka island, off the coast of west Indian state Gujarat, indicating links between ancient Indian and Roman civilisations, reports said on Friday.

"During excavation, we found artefacts dating back 37 500 BC [! ! !] which indicate that India's maritime history is much older and Indians used to travel by sea even before Vasco da Gama touched Indian shores," K H Vora, deputy director of marine archaeology and project leader, told news agency PTI.

"During archaeological excavations at Dwarka, the western-most part of India, we came across amphorae shreds of Mediterranean origin," Vora said, referring to remnants of clay containers used by Romans to transport wine.

That date seems wrong. It's an update on an earlier post though.