Monday, April 23, 2007

Archaeologists discover remains of ancient Floridians
Archaeologists have found ancient human remains at another Brickell Avenue development site, additional evidence that downtown Miami and much of South Florida was inhabited thousands of years ago.

Fragmented bones belonging to five or six members of the extinct Tequesta tribe - or its ancestors - were unearthed in recent weeks at 1814 Brickell Ave., eventual site of a 12-unit condominium, according to archaeologist Robert Carr.

"This is not nearly at the scale of what we've seen in other downtown areas, but it was definitely a cemetery," said Carr, who has discovered and assessed many ancient sites in Broward and Miami-Dade, including the Miami Circle. "The question is the extent of it."

Best quote: "Time is money and the archaeologists have been digging here since November," Berisiartu said. "It's very difficult to tell my investors that all this time has passed and all we have is a guy in a hole in the ground with a brush in his hand."

Seem to be ca. 2500-3000 BP.