Tuesday, April 24, 2007

'Kipple'? Geek Archaeology: How To Throw Out Tech Junk
The Inquirer's Andrew Thomas moved home, and took with him something that should have been in a landfill before the 1980s were done: a 20 year-old power supply. This is in addition to expansion cards requiring an ISA slot, serial mice, a 1200-baud modem, and a CRT monitor the size of a toaster. One can almost smell the ozone.

"Some of this junk had followed me around since the 1970s in no fewer than ten houses. I even found a reel of paper tape. Paper tape, for God's sake. What was I ever going to need that for again?"

Phillip K. Dick called this stuff "kipple," which refers to any clutter with a propensity to multiply.

Errrrrrrr. . . . .no comment.