Monday, April 02, 2007

Fight! Fight! (sorta) High time to exploit that cunning plan
“Anything which makes the past more accessible to people living in the present has got to be a good thing, and we're very proud of what we do.”

The show hasn't always been as well received by archaeologists as it has by the public, however. Several years ago, the Time Team Big Dig encouraged people to dig one-metre test pits all over the country to provide an archaeological snapshot of Britain.

Critics claimed the plan could send out the “wrong” message that people could become “instant archaeologists” and that delicate historical remains could be damaged by gung-ho attitudes and a lack of delicacy.

So, I ask Robinson, who have the bigger egos? Archaeologists or actors?

“It's a close-run thing. Both can be very precious, but I had no idea that archaeologists could be so spiteful. Time Team has made archaeology popular, and there's no doubt that some academics don't like it; they want it kept in the hallowed halls of a university,” he said. “Then again, some actors can be total ar*eholes.”

It's actually an article about the "Time Team" program in the UK.