Monday, April 30, 2007

Non-archaeological post
Yes, we return once again to those thrilling days of yesteryear and look at. . . .Music from the '70s. I just downloaded America: The Complete Greatest Hits from iTunes and am right now burning it to CD. I only recently got more or less tuned in to America, although I distinctly remember them from my youth. Back then about the only time I heard them was either from TV or on the car radio, the latter notably on AM stations while we were driving from Wisconsin to Alabama to visit my dad's kin down there for part of the summer. (Interestingly, the taste of Dr. Pepper brings back those Alabama vacations, too, since at the time Dr.P. wasn't available up north)

Anyway, I always kind of like 'Horse With No Name', largely because the lyrics are kinda weird. I bring this up because Comcast has a 0-minute On Demand piece of America's 1979 concert in Central Park. If you have On Demand I heartily recommend viewing it. Nearly every band is way more fun to hear in person and this is no exception. It's too short, but I don't know if the original film was short or if the Comcast version is just al hacked up. But still, it's a good viewing. There are a lot of songs I didn't really assocate with America, or just forgot they did. Good stuff though.

Trivia note: As Chris Carter was wont to do, on the Millennium show, he used Horse With No Name as the song in the background of a scene. Basically it had some guy driving, he stops to change a tire, another guy stops, kills him, and starts the whole car and body on fire. He did that quite a few times, playing some pleasant song in the background while something gruesome is going on.