Thursday, August 02, 2007

Archaeologist-for-a-day adventure: reporter unearths local history
As much as I love history, my mind kept returning to thoughts of discovering gold, diamonds, or anything that would get my name in the news, which is quite odd coming from someone who has a job at a newspaper. Regardless, I was anxious to start ‘diggin’ up the past.’

The presentation ended and we were introduced to Virginia Sheehan, an archaeologist with Parks Canada, who warned the room of adventurers that the site currently had a gopher problem and to “watch out.”

I guess I should have packed that six-shooter after all.

. . .

That day, my holy grail turned out to be a piece of Acadian garbage from the 18th century. And I couldn’t be happier with that fact.

Nice little article from an amateur's perspective.