Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Just in from the EEF:

Press report: "Tut still revealing secrets. Former Penn student
returns to tell more"


"In a back room [of Tutankhamun's tomb] closed to public view,
Zahi Hawass spotted a cluster of reed boxes crammed with
plaster fragments and limestone seals used to stamp hieroglyphs.
Intrigued, the scholar took a closer look and saw that both were
marked with Neb-kheperu-re, the throne name of the
boy pharaoh.
In addition to the seals, apparently left behind by the original
excavators in the early 1920s, Egyptian workers recently found
20 sealed jars with the pharaoh's name in an old storage facility
nearby. Neither group of items is part of the official Tut inventory
at the Egyptian antiquities museum in Cairo, Hawass said in a
phone interview. The jars were found a month ago
when workers were transferring artifacts from a variety of
past excavations to a modern storage facility.

Article has two photos, of Hawass&seals and of jars.
[It does not say from what date the seals 'find' stems -- it's
apparently not new. Does anyone recall?]