Sunday, April 01, 2007

Clovis update Clovis artifacts do not end debate over first Americans
Michael Waters, director of the Center for the Study of the First Americans, and Thomas Stafford, director of Stafford Research Laboratories, argue that "in as few as 200 calendar years, Clovis technology originated and spread throughout North America."

This is a major advance in our understanding of the peopling of the Americas for two reasons.

First, there are many non-Clovis sites in North and South America that either are older than 11,050 years or are more or less contemporary with Clovis. Therefore, the sudden appearance of Clovis technology no longer can be linked to the original discoverers of America.
. . .

Second, the short duration of the Clovis culture means it?s unlikely to represent a homogenous group of people that rapidly spread from one end of the hemisphere to the other.

Way back when, Clovis was also the driver of the Overkill model of Late Pleistocene extinctions and this sort of finding would have severly undermined, if not invalidated that theory. Now, not so much.